We adhere to very strict protocol in the dispensing of our products. Beard Brothers Society reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the use or our mail order system for any conduct we feel violates our “code of conduct” policies outlined on our membership forms.  Failure to do so will result in registration delays.

We will contact you with any questions or additional information we require. If we experience trouble verifying your information, we will contact you and let you know as soon as possible.

Our current Registration Form is being created, we appreciate your patience. In the mean time, to ensure you are able to access your needed medicine, please follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Copy of Membership Application PDF (Must be filled out, with hand written signature)

STEP 2: Copy of Doctor's Prescription/MMAR Documentation/MMPR Prescription, 

STEP 3: Email  the Filled out Application Form (STEP 1) and a Copy of Document(s) (STEP 2) to


We do accept LP DOCUMENTATION, BUT ONLY IF it doesn't specify that you can only acquire your medical cannabis from that particular LP. Proof of Condition documents MUST have physician's signature to be considered valid. We will accept any & all medical documentation that provides evidence that the applicant has been diagnosed by an approved practitioner with a condition which is listed in the Information for Health Care Professionals “guide” from Health Canada. For anyone with a condition that is not listed in the guide or would otherwise be limited in gaining membership can apply for a consultation with our practitioner. For more Information please email us