Welcome to our information page!

Information is very important to have as a patient, proper information is even more essential. We are building a library of relevant content to assist you with understanding the details of the cannabis community, we wish to make it easier to access and available to you in one place. Check back frequently for updated documents, videos and other information as it is added.

Accepted Dispensaries

Beard Brothers Society is serious about operating in the most professional way. We adhere to the strict guidelines of CAMCD, an organization focused on proper operating standards for dispensaries of medical cannabis. Below is a list of dispensaries we will accept memberships from. We will contact them to verify your membership status to ensure you meet the requirements. There may be other memberships we are willing to accept and this will be done on as per client basis.

Nature's Botanical  Canna Clinic 
 BC Pain Society  Victoria Brian Injury Society  Eden Dispensary  Farmacy


Ocean Grown  Nature's Way