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About Us

Beard Brothers Society is a Non-Profit Cannabis Dispensary representing a free and fair market providing reasonable access in quality,​ price​,​ and ​availability. We believe in People before profits all the while paying the farmers fair pricing for their products. Standards of quality matters here at BeardBros and we provide people with high grade cannabis products in all forms to obtain quality of life through total body wellness and health collectively​.

With the current status of cannabis and cannabis regulations in Canada being passionately debated and re-developed locally, Provincially, and Federally, it can be hard to find knowledgeable in the field of cannabis therapy, at BeardBros we have worked hard to find and consult with such distinguished individuals and work closely with them in order to have the right product for your situation and needs.​

Our honest, friendly, and helpful staff are cannabis knowledgeable and ready to help serve your needs.  We are customer service orientated and your success is our goal.​  Your security is of the utmost importance to us confidentiality​ and privacy​ is ​given​ to our members.  Your information is guarded and will not be shared, sold, or traded for any reason.